Thursday, 28 November 2013

Mystery Skype

I thought the mystery was very helpful in learning more about Native culture. My view on Native Americans before this Skype call was mostly negative, as all I knew about them was due to stereotypes (I wasn't in class when we watched the 8th Fire documentary). 

I learned that, unlike popular belief, they have a great education system and that life on the reserve is easier and more enjoyable than in the city, as people don't stare at you just because you are a Native. They also play many sports, just like us, and similar to the play, The Rez Sisters, Bingo is very popular on their reserve. Furthermore, they don't like going to the city as they have had bad experiences there, such as having non-natives question them more or keep their distance, and noticing some of their own people stuck in poverty. Finally I learned that they still do practice their culture, like attending ceremonies and powwows, and even rain dances. 

What I liked about the Mystery Skype was that the students of Wikmemikong were very friendly and finding out that they had a lot of the same interests that we did. I also liked how I learned more about the life on a reserve, and that it is much different than what stereotypes make you believe. It was also interesting to find out that they do enjoy life on the reserve, contrary to the stereotype also.

What I felt needed to be improved from the Mystery Skype call was to spend more time on the interview component of the call rather than spend a lot of time figuring out where the other class is located. I also felt we could've been more organized as most people abandoned their roles as soon as the call started.

Overall, the Mystery Skype was an enjoyable experience, and I learned a lot about Native culture that disproved many stereotypes.


  1. Mina, I'm glad that you found the Skype to be a valuable experience. It was nice to hear from people who actually live on a reserve and hear about their experiences and opinions.

    I wish that more students had maintained their roles. Things were confusing at times and I think this confusion could have been avoided if more of the class fully engaged and took their roles seriously.

  2. Hi Mina!

    What a great post! I love your use of transition words throughout the post, linking your ideas seamlessly.

    I also appreciate your positive perspective on the event. Sometimes our concern about how the current technology and social norms are eroding our privacy can overshadow the good that connecting online can offer us.

  3. Hi Mina, this is by far the best one I read & yess people tend to have a negative perspective about Natives but once you tell them how it's like and what we do during our free time, they figure we're all equal/ have something in common. It is pretty friendly here, everyone knows you or either there your cousin.