Wednesday, 22 January 2014

ISU Check #2

The novel I read for the ISU was The Other Boleyn Girl by Philipa Greggory, a story that follows Mary Boleyn's, King Henry VIIIs second wife's younger sister.

The biggest cultural identifier I got from this novel were genfer roles in society, back in Tudor England. Men and women had specific roles they had to play at the time, and most women had very little freedom, as their lives were being dictated by the men in their lives.

This culture greatly impacted the characters in the novel, as Mary wanted to mary a man that she loved, but her uncle and father would not allow it as she had to marry someone who would allow there family to have good connections. Furthermore, both Mary and Anne were pushed by their father and uncle to have an affair with the King, creating a sibling rivalry between the sisters. Having men dictate how their lives are going turned Mary in a very reserved and obedient person, while Anne became a very resentful person, proving how important gender roles are in this novel.

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